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Sewage Ejector Pump Services

Sewage ejector pumps are vital devices for anyone with plumbing in their basement or property that extends below the city’s main sewer line. If your ejector pump fails, your home could be left in a very messy situation. Any homeowner who has dealt with a sewage problem of any kind will agree — ensuring that your sewage system is efficient is in your best interest.

Avoid the hassle and expense caused by a failed ejector pump. Read on to better understand the signs of pump damage and always reach out to a professional team for reliable installations. When you’re in need of ejector pump replacement or repair in the North Bay Area, call on the drain and sewer service experts at Gotelli Plumbing.

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What Are Sewer Ejector Pumps?

An ejector pump is a device used to push greywater and wastewater up into the sewage line from your basement or from plumbing installed below the main sewer line. Sewage lines rely on gravity for a huge portion of the removal process. This process is more difficult when a source of wastewater sits below the main sewer line, but an ejector pump is the solution!

Your ejector pump keeps sewage from backing up into your appliances and plumbing as well, ensuring you don’t have to deal with any unexpected messes.

Our technicians can install, repair and maintain your home’s ejector pump to keep your plumbing working like a charm and your spaces ready to use.

Reach out to us for more information or to schedule your service today!

Common Issues With Sewage Ejectors

You may not like to think about the components of your sewage system, but even they can face repairs and damage that compromise their ability to operate normally. Our certified plumbers can handle any ejector pump repair, and we’ve seen quite a few in the area. Here are some of the common repairs we perform:

  • Malfunctioning float switch
  • Obstructed discharge lines
  • Worn out or broken elements
  • Seal leaks
  • Incorrectly sized pumps

If your sewage ejector is damaged or you suspect you’re in need of repair, turn to the Gotelli team for repairs and replacements. We will respond on time and get the job done right.

When Should I Replace My Ejector Pump?

Ejector pumps are built to last about 10 years in your home. However, as they get older, problems can occur that could lead to sewage backups in your basement. Having your sewage ejector pump replaced when it’s nearing the end of its lifespan is the best way to prevent a sewage disaster in your home.

It’s more cost-effective and less stressful to replace your ejector pump before it fails from old age, especially since things could get very messy very fast if you wait until the pump breaks down. If your ejector pump is nearing its 10-year mark, reach out to our team for an inspection or to schedule your replacement today.

Signs You Need To Replace Your Ejector Pump

How do you know when it’s time to replace your ejector pump? Keep an eye out for these signs that your pump needs to be replaced:

  • There’s dirty water in your plumbing system.
  • The pump struggles to start or won’t turn on.
  • The pump constantly cycles.
  • The pump is making unusual sounds while running.

If you notice any of these signs or suspect an issue with your ejector pump for another reason, call on the professional plumbers at Gotelli Plumbing. We’ll visit your home and inspect the system to pinpoint the problem.

If the pump needs repairs or replacement, we’ll communicate with you throughout the process. Once your system is installed correctly, we can perform routine maintenance to help keep your ejector pump running efficiently. Contact us today!

Call Marin County’s Plumbing Pros

Gotelli Plumbing is a family-owned and operated plumbing company that has been serving Marin County for more than 30 years. We treat our customers like family, and our goal is to make you a customer for life.

Gotelli’s extensive experience means we know a thing or two about ejector pumps, so we can handle your plumbing needs with ease. Our technicians are trained experts in the plumbing industry, so you can be sure you’ll receive exceptional service.

When you need ejector pump replacement or repair, call on Gotelli Plumbing for reliable service at an affordable price. Contact us today to speak to a knowledgeable service representative or to begin a service request.

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