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How To Reset Your Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal is a convenient device for getting rid of food waste quickly and easily. However, a lot can go wrong with your garbage disposal! The motor can experience wear and tear if issues arise, causing it to stop running. When this occurs, a simple reset can correct your disposal if it stops running.

Gotelli Plumbing strives to provide San Rafael homeowners with efficient plumbing technology! Your garbage disposal is a home system that offers a variety of benefits, especially when it’s adequately taken care of! We’ve compiled a guide to help you learn how to reset your disposal to troubleshoot problems with the system.

What Is A Garbage Disposal Reset?

A garbage disposal reset is a feature available on most systems that helps resolve common issues with the machinery. It is a switch or button located on the side or bottom of the unit. When the device experiences a jam, overload or electrical trip, resetting the system can restore it to its regular operation.

Tips For Resetting Your Garbage Disposal

Resetting your system is a relatively simple task. If the device is experiencing problems, you can attempt to troubleshoot the machinery before calling for professional assistance.

Turn Off The Unit

Before starting the process, it’s crucial to follow the proper safety precautions. Make sure your garbage disposal is turned off completely or unplugged from the power source. Failure to turn off the unit can result in numerous hazards, such as electrical issues, injury or damage to the device.

Locate And Press The Reset Button

Your disposal’s reset button is located near the motor on the unit. This button is designed to pop out when tripped. Firmly press it back into place and wait 10 minutes to reset the disposal’s internal circuitry.

Run The Garbage Disposal

After the reset has been performed, turn on your sink and allow water to flow into your garbage disposal. Turn the system on and examine the button on the unit. You’ll know the resetting process was successful if the button stays in place. If it’s popped back out, it’s an indication of an additional problem with the machinery.

An experienced plumber can perform a repair service on your garbage disposal if this troubleshooting process doesn’t work. Professional repairs ensure your system is in good shape and operating effectively for future use.

Signs Your Garbage Disposal Needs To Be Reset

Your garbage disposal can’t verbally communicate when a problem is present. However, the device will show a few signs that will help you determine when to reset the system! A few indicators that the machinery needs resetting are:

  • Your system won’t turn on.
  • The unit makes a humming sound during operation.
  • There’s no grinding noise after the disposal is turned on.
  • The reset button has popped out.
  • Waste is clogging the disposal.

A system reset can correct many minor issues with the machinery. However, some severe problems may require an extensive repair service. A professional can diagnose errors with your disposal and provide a long-lasting solution for your convenience!

Say Goodbye To Garbage Disposal Troubles!

If you’re having issues with your garbage disposal, Gotelli Plumbing is prepared to lend a helping hand! Our qualified plumbers have the necessary knowledge to correct problems with your plumbing system. From a simple repair service to an extensive replacement, count on us for a job done right! Contact our team today to schedule your next service.

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