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Bidet Installation In San Rafael

While bidets have been popular in Europe and Asia for some time now, we are starting to see increased demand for these luxury bathroom items in America. That’s why we’re now offering bidet installation services at Gotelli Plumbing!

Our plumbers are fully trained and equipped to install your new bidet toilet seat or full bidet toilet system. If you think a bidet could be a good investment in your bathroom, speak to the professionals on our team today.

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What You Need Before You Get A Bidet

Before you set up an appointment for bidet installation, you will want to make sure your bathroom is equipped to have one installed. The bidets we install require access to an electrical outlet. If you don’t have an electrical outlet nearby, you will need to coordinate with an electrician to get one set up.

At Gotelli we provide two bidet options to choose from. We can either install a bidet toilet seat on your existing toilet or we can install a full toilet with a bidet attachment. We’re proud to offer Toto brand toilets and bidets. Looking for a new toilet without a bidet? We can handle that too!

Are Bidets Sanitary?

Bidets are heralded for being significantly more sanitary than traditional paper products. Gentle water provides a fresh clean every time. It will leave your skin less irritated and cleaner than ever before.

What Are The Benefits Of Bidets?

Aside from the sanitational benefits of getting a bidet, here are some other practical benefits to getting a bidet put in your bathroom:

  • Environmentally Friendly – When you’re using fewer paper products, you’ll be creating less waste for the environment. The plastic packaging on toilet paper and wipes add up over time. A bidet reduces your paper and plastic waste. Plus, fewer paper products means money saved!
  • Prevent Plumbing Problems – We know better than anyone that lots of toilet paper and “flushable” wipes can cause clogs and backups in your pipes. With a bidet, your paper product usage will significantly decrease your chances of having plumbing problems.
  • Accessibility Advantages – Bidets have proven to be very helpful to disabled people, the elderly, pregnant women and women who have recently given birth. Bidets are a great way to provide independence and dignity for everyone.

A bidet might be a great upgrade for your bathroom — from the ultimate restroom oasis to a necessary function for your daily use. Let Gotelli match you with a bidet that makes life easier. Whatever your reason is for getting a bidet, be sure to give Gotelli Plumbing a call for expert installation!

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If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your toilet, consider installing a bidet. With the ease of convenience and a touch of luxury living, a bidet can elevate your entire bathroom experience. Contact Gotelli Plumbing today to schedule simple, easy bidet installation services!

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