Common Dishwasher Problems

Having a dishwasher saves you time and energy to focus on more important things in your life. When your dishwasher is not functioning properly it costs you time you don’t have to waste.

That’s why Gotelli Plumbing is ready to help you as soon as you need it. We know dishwasher problems inside and out and are ready to help you resolve them quickly.

Why Is My Dishwasher Not Draining?

If there is water left in your dishwasher after it has run the wash cycle, you likely have a clog in the drain system. When water does not drain from the unit, the dishes are exposed to potential contamination. If this happens, it is best to re-wash your dishes while you troubleshoot the problem with the drain.

You can remove the gap cover from the back of the unit and the strainer from the base for thorough cleaning – this can sometimes be the cause of slow draining. If this does not fix the problem then you likely have a dishwasher clog in the actual drain line.

The filter leading to your dishwasher’s drain line can become coated with food residue or dissolved particles from container labels. This blocks the water from draining out of the unit. Clogs can also form down the drain line tube from the same residues. There’s a whole system of drain lines that could be blocked.

Unfortunately, cleaning the drain line system requires the dishwasher to be removed from the cabinet it is installed in. Also, disassembling the drain line can come with its risks of future leaks and problems if attempted by an inexperienced person.

It’s best to trust a licensed plumber to fix this type of clog so that you know the system is set up properly.

Why Does My Dishwasher Fill The Wrong Amount Of Water?

Another common dishwasher problem is with the amount of water that fills the unit. Sometimes a dishwasher can fill with too little or too much water – both can cause problems for the system and the cleanliness of your dishes.

First, you should make sure the hot water line is connected to the dishwasher by checking the line underneath your sink. If that is in its proper position then it could be a malfunction of the float.

The float is a device inside your dishwasher that floats up as water fills the area. When it reaches a certain height it triggers the water to stop filling. Locate the float near the front of the dishwasher on the base and lift it up and down. If you hear a clicking noise, the float is most likely functional.

Other water level regulators to check include the timer and the water inlet valve. Both of these are electrical problems and can be checked by a multimeter for functionality.

Your Dishwasher Is Leaking

Water puddling in your kitchen from below your dishwasher is never a welcome sight. Some of the common causes of leaks include:

  • Damaged float device
  • Faulty pump
  • Worn-out pump or door seals
  • Broken drainage hose

Loading your machine improperly can also lead to leaks. If you’ve been experiencing leaks in your home, reach out to our technicians. We can inspect and identify the source of the problem to get your routines back on track.

When Do I Call A Plumber To Fix My Dishwasher?

If these steps don’t help you resolve your dishwasher problem, contact a plumber. Gotelli Plumbing has all the tools needed to find and repair your dishwasher as soon as possible. We’re the best San Rafael dishwasher repair team to count on!

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