How To Clean Up After A Water Leak

For those who have experienced flooding or serious leaks in their home, water damage can feel like an overwhelming issue to resolve.

Here at Gotelli Plumbing, we care about preserving your peace of mind when it comes to detecting leaks, repairing damaged pipelines and handling other household plumbing problems. Our mission in serving our community is carried out by our trustworthy technicians.

Each and every one of our team members values efficiency as they create effective leak solutions for you and your family. Our passion and dedication to keeping your home in tip-top condition are evident in every service we provide.

Read on for more information on how to clean up your property after experiencing water leaks and when to call our leak specialists!

How Do I Maintain My Wooden Flooring Or Framing After A Leak?

Though wooden decor is lovely, water damage is a constant concern for homeowners who have wood floors, ceilings or walls.

Drying wooden framing can be incredibly time-consuming after it’s been damaged. When leaks occur, the best way to maintain the wood in your home is to focus on removing any objects that are saturated with water.

If your furniture or rugs are soaked, move them into a different area where they can dry separately. Improving air circulation throughout your home is also vital in preserving any wooden structures. Invest in dehumidifiers, fans and other devices that take the moisture out of the air.

General Strategies For Areas With Water Leak Damage

Interested in learning more tips and tricks when it comes to dealing with water damage? Some of the most common include:

  • Purchasing a wet-dry vacuum for areas with standing water
  • Treating damp places for mold and mildew right away
  • Moving large furniture out of the house so that air can circulate more efficiently
  • Making sure you have protective gear when cleaning
  • Checking all drains for clogs
  • Disinfecting surfaces that have water damage
  • Investing in a moisture meter
  • Turning off the electricity in your home before inspecting your outlets

Each of these strategies is helpful in the long run and can make the cleanup process feel a lot less overwhelming.

When Should I Call Leak Detection Specialists?

Water damage is a serious issue because it can impact the structural integrity of your home. If you feel overwhelmed by the task or don’t feel equipped to repair the affected area — don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Gotelli Plumbing! Some signs that its time to reach out to our team include:

  • Buckling floors
  • Sagging ceilings
  • Leaking sewage pipes
  • Flooding in multiple rooms
  • Leaks near your light fixtures or electrical outlets
  • Crumbling drywall or insulation

You can trust our company to protect you and your family as we work to restore your plumbing and repair any damages to your home.

Call Gotelli Plumbing For Your San Rafael Water Leak Clean Up!

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