What Causes Water Leaks?

Any kind of leak, whether it be in your bathroom, kitchen or basement, can turn a sweet day sour. Dealing with water damage is costly and stressful for many homeowners.

Here at Gotelli Plumbing, we’re dedicated to preserving your peace of mind with our leak detection services. Between our expansive list of services, financing and membership programs — you can rely on us to take care of you and your family.

We specialize in plumbing repairs, replacements, installations, maintenance appointments and so much more! We prioritize your 100% satisfaction which means we’re devoted to getting the job done without damaging your home.

Read on for more information on ways to identify leaks in your space.

How Do I Know I Need A Water Leak Repair?

Are you wondering how you’ll be able to tell if one of your pipes or fixtures has sprung a leak? Most pipe systems are incredibly complex – which means that a leak could start almost anywhere. Thankfully, there are a few quick and efficient ways you can evaluate your home and check for leakage. Pay attention to these signs:

  • Inconsistently high water bills
  • Musty smells
  • Stains or cracks along the foundation of your home
  • Sagging walls, ceilings or floors
  • Mold and mildew growth on floors and walls
  • Consistent dripping or trickling water sounds

A water meter is also a useful tool since it can notify you if you have a leak. If you notice any of these signs, consider scheduling an inspection or repair appointment with our team.

What Triggers A Leak?

Leaks can generate from a variety of causes. Some of the most common are:

  • Worn-out rubber seals
  • Corrosion where your pipes connect with fixtures
  • Obstructions clogging your pipe system
  • Tree roots displacing your underground plumbing
  • Destructive weather
  • Improperly laid pipes and backflow devices
  • Damaged pipe joints

Many of these issues are hard to locate and fix by yourself. Contacting a plumbing expert is often the smartest option since licensed technicians have the education and the training to protect your home from permanent water damage.

Don’t waste time trying to DIY your way through clogged pipes or broken seals — let us at Gotelli Plumbing protect your home as soon as possible.

Water Leak Detection Services At Gotelli Plumbing

Interested in learning more about how we can assist you and preserve the structural integrity of your home? Our state-of-the-art leak services, drain cleanings and sump pump installations are proven and long-lasting. Our staff members are friendly and reliable, so you never have to worry about plumbing problems in your home.

Let Us Be Your San Rafael Leak Detection Specialists!

Are you ready to feel at ease in your home without worrying about hidden leaks damaging your space? Here at Gotelli Plumbing, we understand the hassle that plumbing problems bring.

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