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Seismic Valve Reset

When earthquakes strike, safeguard your home!

Gas Line Protection

Seismic Valve Resets In San Rafael

When you live in California, seismic activity is just part of the deal. We experience minor tremors almost daily, which can have a major impact on your plumbing and gas lines. That’s why homes in California are required to be equipped with a seismic valve — also called an earthquake valve — a device designed to shut off access to the pipes supplying natural gas to a structure during seismic activity, or when a gas line is damaged.

Every day, this valve protects you and your home or business from the dangers of a gas leak. However, once the valve shuts off your gas, it must be reset manually to restart the flow of gas. That’s where our Gotelli Plumbing team comes in. We’re experts at repairing, maintaining, resetting and replacing earthquake valves in Marin County.

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How Do Earthquake Valves Work?

Seismic valves are installed on the gas meter connected to your home or business. When earthquakes with at least a 5.2 magnitude shake the ground, each valve is designed to automatically close the pipe, once an increase in pipe pressure or gas presence is detected at the property.

Shutting the gas off immediately following any earthquake activity prevents natural gas from building up in the pipes, so it doesn’t leak, cause a carbon monoxide leak, get trapped or become explosive.

But if you aren’t home to turn it off yourself, with a fully-functioning earthquake valve, you will always have peace of mind that it is safe and sound, no matter where you are.

Resetting Seismic Valves After An Earthquake Or False Trigger

While earthquake valves are a necessity for any California resident, it’s very frustrating when your gas shuts off unexpectedly. And if you don’t reset your valve, you won’t be able to use gas-powered appliances connected to your home or business.

Although you can follow the valve manufacturer’s instructions to reset the valve yourself and get natural gas flowing to your home again, the reset process is not always as simple as flipping a switch.

When you call Gotelli to reset your earthquake valve, our team come won’t just turn the gas back on. We’ll also inspect all of the gas lines around your property to detect any damage that might have occurred during seismic activity and make repairs wherever they are needed.

Once we know that your pipes and appliances will work correctly with gas flowing to them, rest assured that you and your family are safe from any type of gas leak that might have occurred without you knowing.

Trust Gotelli Plumbing With Your Earthquake Valve Reset

At Gotelli Plumbing, our team has been operating in the North Bay Area for more than 30 years, so we’re all too familiar with the damages even the smallest tremors can cause to San Rafael plumbing systems and seismic valves.

Our highly-trained technicians will reset your earthquake valves and repair any plumbing damage, so you and your family are safe and always protected from natural gas and carbon monoxide leaks.

We provide comprehensive services to homes and businesses, so you can get back to your daily life. When you need a professional earthquake valve reset, you can always rely on Gotelli to get everything back in working order!

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