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How Does A Seismic Valve Work?

As residents of San Rafael, we’re no strangers to earthquakes and seismic activity. Most homeowners are probably even aware of the presence of seismic shut-off valves (also known as earthquake gas valves) protecting their homes. While professional plumbers can be trusted to install, repair and reset these valves, it’s still important for the community to understand why they’re so important and how they function.

Gotelli Plumbing wants to make absolutely certain that our customers and their homes are prepared for seismic events. Read on to gain a better understanding of how the seismic valve actually works to prevent dangers in your home.

What Does A Seismic Valve Do?

Seismic valves are equipped with sensors that detect seismic events in the ground as they’re happening. When an earthquake magnitude is 5.4 or higher, the sensor is tripped and the valve is signaled to close. When the valve closes it seals the pathway that gas takes to get into your home.

This process is important because the majority of damage and injury caused by earthquakes is actually from the consequences of the ground moving. Gas lines to your home can break or leak when the soil around them shifts so suddenly. These gas line ruptures cause fires and explosions almost predictably after seismic activity.

With the seismic valve in place, you don’t have to worry about your gas lines causing fires or explosions and injuring you or your family. Plus, we can reset your seismic valve in the even that an earthquake does trigger it!

Where Is Your Seismic Valve?

When your seismic valve is installed by a professional plumber, it will be placed on your gas line closest to where your line branches off from the city’s line. Your valve should only be installed on your portion of the pipes. This allows the shut-off to occur early on in the piping system and prevents any gas from causing problems near your home.

Are You Required To Have Seismic Valve Installation?

For cities like Sacramento where seismic activity is common, you’ll most likely be required to install a seismic shut-off valve. Some of the most common requirements for a shut-off valve are:

  • To perform any type of work that requires a building permit
  • When selling a house
  • To be approved for home insurance
  • To pass a home inspection

Most actions surrounding your home will lead you to invest in a shut-off valve, mainly because most companies know the risks of working on or buying a home without one.

Questions or Concerns About Your Seismic Valve? Call A Plumber!

The professional plumbers from Gotelli Plumbing know the gas line and shut-off valve system the best. We’re highly trained to handle your seismic valve with care and make sure it is in working order to protect you.

Don’t entrust this safety system to just anyone — partner with a team that you have full confidence in. If you’re looking for the best seismic valve services, contact our team today!

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