Does My Home Need A Sump Pump?

The myth that all homes need to have a sump pump installed in their space is false. But there are also really great benefits to having one, and some homes are at greater risk of flooding than others.

Gotelli Plumbing wants all of our customers to be fully prepared and informed about investing in a sump pump. That’s why we are sharing some important factors and recommendations that affect your home’s need for a sump pump.

What Are The Benefits Of A Sump Pump?

Sump pumps play an important role in areas that are at high risk for flooding. Besides doing their job and preventing flooding, sump pumps also help you avoid some other damaging consequences of collected water.

Some of these areas include:

  • Foundation cracks and erosion
  • Mold and fungus growth
  • Metal appliance corrosion
  • Paint peeling
  • Wet and drafty crawlspaces
  • Flood damage protection

Without a sump pump to vacate the space of water, your house could be at risk for the damages listed above. It can also lower the efficiency of your home’s other appliances. For example, your HVAC system may have to work harder if your house has water damage.

Increased Sump Pump Need

There are three factors that particularly affect your home’s need for a sump pump. Paying attention to these factors could save you a lot of money and stress!

Previous Flooding

One of the best indicators that your home could use a sump pump is your history with flooding. If your home has already flooded sometime in the past or was ever at great risk of flooding, then it’s likely to happen again.

If you haven’t made any significant changes to your home since the flood risk, the odds are that next time it happens your home could be damaged.

Basement Storage

While not very common, older homes in the area may have basements. If you have put the effort and money into finishing out your basement, you don’t want to see that investment go to waste.

Also, if you use your basement to store furniture, boxes and other belongings, a flood could mean a total loss of your property AND basement damage.


The most significant determining factor for your sump pump installation is the location of your home. Did you know that San Rafael is one of the highest flood-risk areas in the entire state? The Bay Area is prone to excessive rainfall – putting your home at high risk for flooding.

Should You Install A Sump Pump?

Homeowners who have experienced flooding before should seriously consider the benefits of sump pump installation. For those who have not experienced flooding, it is still important to consider a pump. Having one of these devices is like having insurance – you hope you don’t ever need it, but you’re happy it’s there when you do!

Professional Sump Pump Installation

Our team at Gotelli Plumbing is dedicated to providing you with the most dependable appliances to keep your home safe. If you’re considering a sump pump installation in Sacramento, give our team a call. We’ll get the job done right and give you peace of mind for years to come!

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