What Is A Sump Pump And How Does It Work?

Gotelli Plumbing is dedicated to the San Rafael area, and that means keeping our customers informed about their homes and appliances. With the risk of flooding so high in our community, it’s likely that you’ll have experience with a sump pump at some point — if you haven’t already!

Our team wants to make sure you know the role your sump pump plays in protecting your home from flooding and a little more about the components of the machine.

What Is A Sump Pump?

A sump is a hole made underneath the floor of the lowest area in your home that holds a pump. The pump is equipped with different kinds of sensors that can detect rising water. Sump pumps play an extremely important function for homes that are at risk for flooding – they keep water out of your home and prevent structural damage.

How Do Sump Pumps Work?

The primary function of a sump pump is to detect rising water levels and use its motor to pump water away from your home. When water is allowed to rise during a flood or begins to collect in your home, it can cause damage to the structural integrity of your house as well as become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

The pump funnels naturally collecting water away from the home and deposits it nearby in a dry well, a neighborhood drain or even a creek or pond. Professional plumbers have the expertise to make sure that the drain is far enough from your home and deposited in the right area so that it doesn’t pose a threat to your home or others’.

What Are The Types Of Sump Pumps?

There are two main types of sump pumps that homeowners can choose from. They both complete the same job, but they both have different pros and cons.

Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps sit completely submerged in the sump basin – hence the name. They consist of both the pump and motor in the same place underneath the floor. These units are considered the best option for major flooding risks because they are quiet, save space and tend to stay unclogged.

Unfortunately, because they do sit underwater, their parts can wear out quickly.

Pedestal Pumps

Pedestal pumps have a separate motor and pump. The pump sits in the sump basin and is connected by a hose to the motor sitting on the floor. This means there has to be enough space for the motor to sit, and the odds of hearing the motor are much higher.

However, it is more easily accessible for maintenance and repairs and usually lasts longer since it is not submerged in water.

Types Of Backup Pumps

There are also two types of backup sump pumps. These backup options are really important to high flood-risk areas because pumps are powered by electricity. If the same storm that is causing flooding knocks out the power to your home, your space can easily flood without a backup pump running.

Battery-Operated Backup

A sump pump with battery power does not rely on electricity to run. When the main unit is sidelined due to lack of power, the battery-operated backup pump uses a similar set of sensors to detect rising water and begin pumping it out of your home.

Let Our Professional Plumbers Help!

If you have more questions about sump pump installation or function, give the team at Gotelli Plumbing a call! We are more than happy to discuss your situation and the best course of action to take to help you prevent flooding in your home. For the best San Rafael sump pump services, contact us today!

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