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Go Tankless: The Energy Efficient Alternative to Water Heaters

Are you ready to make the change and upgrade your water heater to a tankless system? Or maybe you need a little more information to win you over? Either way, Gotelli Plumbing is dedicated to giving you all the knowledge you need to make the right decision for your home!

Are Tankless Water Heaters Really That Efficient?

The answer is yes! Tankless systems provide huge energy savings because of how they use energy.

Heating Process

The way tankless systems are designed to do their job makes them more energy-efficient than their tanked counterparts. A water heater with a tank can be depleted. Even a 50+ gallon tank can go very quickly when shower time and dish cleaning overlap. Once the tank is empty, it might take an hour or more to refill and reheat the water.

In a different way, a tankless system is not able to collect and hold water. However, the absence of a tank is not a flaw – it’s the main reason for higher efficiency.

A tankless system is fueled by gas or electric power – the same as a tanked unit – and heats water as needed. As water runs into the unit, it flows through a coiled pipe. The heat source warms the water as it flows through and delivers it to the faucet.

Energy Savings

Tankless systems only turn on when hot water is in demand, therefore they also only use energy periodically throughout the day. Switching from a traditional unit that uses energy all day to keep a tank of water warm to a system that only uses energy when in use is a huge change.

Depending on how much water your household uses, you could see 10%–40% energy savings. Installing more than one tankless unit could save even more energy.

Just as you’re decreasing energy use, your utility bill at the end of the month will be decreased as well. The lower energy usage will provide you with much lower costs every month. This will allow you to save money, repair other appliances and generally focus your finances on other aspects of your life.

Are There Other Benefits To A Tankless Unit?

Besides energy and money savings, tankless systems also provide other benefits to your home.

Space Saver

The physical setup of the tankless system is sleeker and smaller than the large tanked versions. Changing systems can save you some much-needed space and allow for different positioning within your home.

Life And Maintenance

Tankless models are made with high durability in mind. Their lifespan doubles their traditional counterparts’ to 20 years! The need for repair with these units is far lower, and the required maintenance can be every few years instead of every year.

In places with harder water, a flush to prevent sediment buildup might be required more often.

Endless Hot Water

Tankless units are often called on-demand water heaters because they can provide nearly instant hot water every time you need it. There is no limit to the amount of water they can provide. They simply deliver hot water until you turn off the tap!

Are There Disadvantages To A Tankless Unit?

The one main disadvantage of a tankless unit is the initial investment. You will pay more upfront to purchase and install the unit. However, the savings you will get from the lowered energy usage and monthly bill, plus the decrease in breakdowns and maintenance will pay back the initial cost over time. This is especially true considering the unit could last you 20+ years and provide savings that entire time!

If you’d like to speak with an experienced plumber about the pros and cons of tankless water heaters for your home, contact Gotelli Plumbing. If you’re ready for the upgrade, we can do that too! We’re the best team for a San Rafael tankless water heater installation. Give us a call today!

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