Why Does It Take So Long for My Water to Heat Up?

We all know the value of time in our lives, and we really don’t want to waste it on things that could be avoided. If your water is having trouble heating up or maintaining temperature, it can be an incredible waste of time and energy. Whether you’re waiting for your shower to warm up or you’re unable to do dishes, Gotelli Plumbing has some solutions to put the heat back in your water.

What Can Cause Delayed Hot Water?

To decide on a solution to your hot water problem, you first have to figure out what might be the cause. There are several things that could be affecting your hot water – it could even be a combination of problems!

Water In Your Pipes

One common reason hot water takes a while to reach the faucet is that there’s already water in the pipes. When a faucet is turned on, the water that immediately comes out will likely be room temperature or cold. The water from the water heater might take a few minutes to run through the pipes and get to the faucet.

Flow Restrictors

Many fixtures, like your showerhead, are designed to limit the amount of water that flows through them. The restricted volume of water is designed to conserve water.

While these designs are great for the environment, they’re not so great for hot water availability. The less water that runs through the showerhead, the more time it takes to heat up.

Pipe Size

Another factor that might be worth checking is the type and size of pipes that are delivering water through your home. The diameter of your pipes could be affecting how quickly your water moves.

Also, the material of your pipes affects the way water retains heat. If you have galvanized pipes, their inner wall is thicker than that of other pipes like copper. This thicker wall gives the pipe more of a chance to absorb heat from the water as it runs through it.

Hot Water Heater

If some of the other causes mentioned above are not the culprit of your delayed hot water, the next obvious place to check is your water heater. Many things could be wrong with your unit if it’s producing reduced or no hot water. Always feel free to contact a plumber if you suspect your system is not functioning correctly. Our team is able to assess and fix plumbing problems with an experienced eye.

However, there are a couple of causes that homeowners can identify themselves. This might make it easier to decide if calling a plumber is your best option.

If your water heater is in a basement or room that is far from a faucet or shower, the time it takes the water to travel to the desired destination could be what’s allowing it to cool before reaching you. So many feet of piping takes time for water to travel through, and time means cooler water.

Also, your water heater can collect sediment buildup over time as water moves through the tank. Besides posing a serious risk for leaks and total system failure, the buildup can also make it harder for the unit to function. If the tank is left with buildup over a long period of time, the efficiency of the system can decrease.

Upgrade To A Tankless Water Heater

One surefire way to provide your home with endless and nearly instant hot water is to install a tankless water heater. The tankless design allows the water heater to only use energy when in use, saving you on your energy bill.

More importantly, it does not store a limited amount of hot water. It heats the water as it runs through the system – between two and five gallons a minute. When you turn the tap on, it heats as the water flows through the pipes, providing on-demand hot water.

Need Help With Delayed Hot Water?

If you discover you need water heater repairs or an upgrade to a more efficient tankless model, contact Gotelli Plumbing today! We are the top San Rafael water heater repair team and would love to talk to you more about a tankless water heater installation. Don’t hesitate! Get your hot water faster today!

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