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Your plumbing system is a part of your house that remains out of sight and out of mind most of the time. Unfortunately, this makes detecting problems difficult because you typically can’t tell that there’s something wrong until the damage is already done.

When it comes to replacing damaged or old piping, the damage can be pretty significant. That’s why water line repiping is such an important part of taking care of homes with old plumbing. Gotelli Plumbing is here to provide the necessary repair and replacement to keep your water lines flowing smoothly.

What Is Water Line Repiping?

Though water line replacement sounds like your home’s equivalent of major surgery, it’s actually something we at Gotelli Plumbing deal with pretty frequently. Even your plumbing system wasn’t made to last forever!

Water line repiping simply means that our team will replace your old copper or galvanized pipes with new ones. This is done to prevent or repair damage to the pipes that occurs due to corrosion and other wear and tear. We find that homes 15 years or older that have never had repiping work are the most likely candidates for water line replacement.

If you have an older home that uses copper or galvanized steel pipes and are experiencing frequent, major leaks, you could be in need of water line repiping. If you do have frequent leaks, we find that repiping can actually be the cheaper and better long-term solution.

Instead of risking water damage and pouring money into frequent repairs, replacing the water lines entirely is often more cost-effective. Not to mention, you can live worry-free for many years to come after the replacement.

a Gotelli plumber using tools to make an adjustment to a backflow preventer

What Goes Into A Water Line Repipe?

When it comes to water line repiping, there’s usually some confusion about what that actually means. That’s because there are many different parts to your plumbing system, with water lines being only a portion of the pipes running through your home. During water line repiping, our team:

  • Replaces the main hot and cold water lines that go to each fixture (faucets, appliances, etc.)
  • Installs in new hose fixtures
  • Installs new valves under toilets and sinks
  • Replaces the supply lines

Many homeowners think of water lines and sewer lines as the same, but it’s important to think of water lines as the supply of water and sewer lines as the used water disposal system.

Our water line replacement doesn’t include replacing water heaters, sewer lines, drain lines or the main water line running from the city meter to the house. If you have questions about what your repiping services include, don’t worry — your plumber will be happy to answer any and all questions you have throughout the process.

Water Line Repiping In San Rafael

When it’s time for your water lines to be repiped, you can rely on Gotelli Plumbing to get the job done right. Repiping of any kind is a serious job that should be done by a team of reliable, professional plumbers.

All of the plumbers at Gotelli are highly trained and have experience with repiping homes, so you can rest easy knowing that your home’s plumbing is in good hands. If you aren’t sure if you need repiping work, give us a call and we’ll send someone to inspect the problem. Our plumbers will help identify the plumbing problems your house is facing and provide expert solutions.

For all of your plumbing needs, choose Gotelli Plumbing. Call us today to speak to one of our knowledgeable service representatives or start a service request using our online form.

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