Signs That Your Home Needs Water Line Repiping

Your home’s plumbing seems like a permanent system, but even your pipes don’t last forever. It doesn’t help that the plumbing system is meant to be hidden within your home, so most homeowners don’t know much about it. Think of your home’s plumbing in two categories: input and output. The output portion is your sewer lines, which take waste and used water out of your home. The input portion is your water lines, which carry clean water to every faucet and appliance in your home.

If your water line pipes need to be replaced, you may not know until a major problem surfaces. However, recognizing the signs that your home needs water line repiping could help you avoid a disaster and proactively take care of your plumbing. Gotelli Plumbing is here to help!

Outdated Pipes

The pipes used in home plumbing are made to last for decades at a time without issue. However, older homes may have pipes that are at the end of their life. If your home has galvanized steel pipes, they will last 20-50 years. If you have gas or copper pipes they can last 50 years or more. Depending on the type of piping material your home’s plumbing system uses and its age, you may need to replace them.

If your home has lead pipes, they need to be replaced immediately whether they’re causing problems or not. Lead water line pipes can release poisonous lead into your water supply and cause significant harm to your health.

Water Leaks

It’s not uncommon for your water lines to spring a leak or two during their lifetime, especially if they see a lot of use. In this case, you’ll likely only need water line repair to repipe a section of the system. However, frequent water leaks are a sign that all of the pipes in the system are deteriorating rapidly. If you keep finding leak after leak, consider full water line replacement to prevent further issues.

Signs of Corrosion

There isn’t very much exposed piping in your home, but you may be able to see parts of your plumbing system in the basement, attic or utility room. If you can catch a glimpse at part of your plumbing system, look out for these signs of pipe deterioration:

  • Rust
  • Flaking
  • Stains or discoloration
  • Bumps or divots

If you see any of these signs, it likely indicates similar corrosion throughout the piping. You’ll need a professional to inspect your water lines and confirm their condition.

Low Water Pressure

One of the reasons it can be difficult to spot a problem with your water line is because water line issues usually stay hidden longer than sewer line problems do. For example, you notice when your drains clog. One of the biggest indicators of water line issues is low water pressure, which could be caused by a few different things. If you notice low water pressure in part or all of your home, call a plumber.

Brownish Water

While seeing corrosion on your home’s plumbing system is next to impossible, you can see corrosion in your water supply. If the water in your shower or sink has a brown or yellow tint to it that goes away after the faucet runs for a moment, there is corrosion somewhere in your plumbing, whether it’s in the pipes themselves or in your water heater. You can test this by looking for water coloration while only using hot water or cold water.

If you suspect that some or all of your water line pipes need to be replaced, call on the repipe specialists at Gotelli Plumbing. Contact us today to begin your service request.

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