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Signs Your Water Pressure Is Too High

October 20, 2021 | Blog

High water pressure might be nice for hot showers, but it isn’t so nice for your home’s plumbing. If your water pressure is too high, it can spring leaks and cause damage to your home. But how do you know if your water pressure is high?

At Gotelli Plumbing, we don’t want a single leaky faucet in your home. If you suspect your water pressure isn’t what it should be, schedule an appointment with us. We’re your go-to for Marin County plumbing services. 

Ideal Water Pressure

The first question you likely had when clicking this blog was “what should my water pressure be?” Residential water pressure should be between 40 and 60 PSI (pounds/ square inch). Your pressure will likely vary depending on where you live, as different neighborhoods have different water districts.

Pressure higher than 60 PSI is considered to be too high and can lead to plumbing problems. However, anything under 40 PSI is considered too low and could result in noticeably low pressure when you use appliances or take a shower. 

A plumber can make corrections to water pressure that isn’t within the ideal range. While you can measure your water’s PSI using a water pressure gauge, it’s best to leave it to the professionals to ensure it’s measured properly. 

Leaky Faucets and Pipes

Do your faucets constantly drip? Do you notice any damp spots in your walls or smell mildew? These are tell-tale signs of leaking faucets and pipes, which can be indications of water pressure problems. 

If one or more of your faucets frequently spray water when being turned on or drip when turned off, this means the water is flowing too forcefully. High water pressure sends water so furiously into the faucets that they can’t keep the water from leaking out when not in use. And when they are turned on, the water quickly spits out due to the buildup. 

It’s worse for pipes. The strain from the high pressure can cause joints to loosen or small leaks to form, resulting in constant dripping. Unlike faucets, these could result in mold if ignored, which is why you might smell mildew near leaking pipes.

Additionally, due to the pipe’s locations, you might experience water damage in your walls and ceilings. Depending on the area affected, leaky pipes can ruin:

  • Paint
  • Hardwood floors
  • Carpeted floors
  • Furniture

Thankfully, it’s easy to notice leaking pipes. Contact a plumber the moment you see water puddles or stains in your home.

High Water Bill

There’s a reason you should always track your utility bills. In most cases, when there’s a sudden spike, it means something is wrong. An unexpected rise in your water bill could be a sign of high water pressure.

Even if you don’t use much water, the high water pressure will act as though you leave faucets running for hours on end. Depending on just how high your pressure is, you could be looking at hundreds of dollars added to your bills each year. 

For perspective, 50 PSI, a normal pressure, is about 30 gallons of water per minute. However, anything above 60 PSI adds to that, meaning 60 PSI could be around 36 gallons per minute. The higher the pressure, the higher the bill.

Water Hammer

If you hear banging or clanging in your pipes, sort of like someone is taking a hammer to them, it’s known as hydraulic shock, or “water hammer.” It occurs when the flow of water stops or shifts direction suddenly, and your pipes bang against each other from the furious rush of water.

This can damage the pipes, causing leaks or loose plumbing connections. Water hammer is significantly louder in metal piping, but it’s just as dangerous for plastic piping. If you hear banging when you shut off the water, contact a plumber to investigate the problem. This is a sure sign of high water pressure. 

Appliance Damage

Your pipes aren’t the only things that can be damaged by high water pressure. Your appliances and fixtures could be in danger, including your:

  • Dishwasher
  • Washing machine
  • Water heater
  • Shower 

Check for signs of leakage near these appliances after use. Also, track any loud noises they may make. Similar to pipes, high water pressure flows so quickly into appliances that they may rumble or make a sound like spurting water when you use them. 

High water pressure is a major strain on your appliances. It could lead to damage and shorter lifespans. Their internal parts are going through severe wear and tear whenever it’s forced to use high pressured water. Protect your investments by contacting a plumber if you suspect water pressure to be the problem. 

Turn To The Plumbing Pros

High water pressure can damage your home’s plumbing system and cost you a pretty penny. If you notice any of the mentioned signs, contact Gotelli Plumbing. 

We offer a whole-home plumbing inspection. Some of what we check includes:

  • In-home appliances
  • Water meter
  • Water pressure
  • Hose shutoff value

Don’t let your water pressure continue to cause damage. For the best plumbing in Marin County, turn to Gotelli Plumbing!

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