The Gotelli Plumbing Membership Program

Peace of Mind with the Gotelli Plumbing Membership Program

As one of the basic infrastructural elements of your home, it’s easy to forget about your plumbing – until there’s a problem. Whether it’s a backed-up drain or a water heater no longer producing hot water, plumbing problems are a nuisance to any homeowner.

Join the Gotelli Plumbing Membership Program for only $24.95/month!

The membership program includes a yearly whole-home plumbing inspection that will ensure your home plumbing is in tip-top shape. Plus, you’ll have priority access if you ever do run into a plumbing problem.

Why Join The Gotelli Plumbing Membership Program

When you enroll in the Gotelli Plumbing Membership Program, you will receive access to exclusive perks and discounts such as:

  • Yearly whole-home plumbing inspection PLUS a water heater flushing (tankless or tanktype).
  • Dye Testing on all toilets.
  • BioClean drain treatment
  • 10-15% Off Services and 25-50% off on add-on services
  • Priority service (by end of next business day)
  • Discounted evaluation rate

Ready to get started with our exclusive Membership Program? Give us a call today!

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