Bathroom Sink Plumbing

Bathroom sinks come in a variety of shapes, colors, styles and materials. Luckily, their plumbing is pretty consistent, but issues can still arise. That’s when you need a local plumber to help you find a solution!

The team at Gotelli Plumbing works hard to help our customers. So when inconveniences and disruption occur, understanding your sink’s plumbing will help you know when to call for professional help. Here are the most common problems we see with bathroom sinks and why they often occur.

Common Bathroom Sink Problems

Drain Clogs

Hair is the most common reason for a clogged bathroom sink. Any and all types of hair can keep your sink from draining properly – even tiny facial hairs. Ironically, soap can also clog your pipes as scum builds up inside your pipes.

Drain-cleaning chemicals and snakes are both inexpensive ways to unclog your drain in a pinch. However, frequently clogging drains should be serviced by a professional. If you use commercial drain cleaners on a regular basis, the chemicals can damage your pipes.

Some other reasons you should immediately call a plumber are if your clog is causing pipe backups or affecting other drains.

Leaky Bathroom Faucets

Leaky sinks waste water. This increases your utility bill and can ruin the belongings in your bathroom. The O-ring in your sink’s faucet keeps water from leaking but can become damaged and worn out over time. Corrosion and friction from water pressure can also cause your sink’s valve seat to wear down and become less effective.

If water is coming from under your sink, dry and remove everything in the cabinet to locate the leak. After tightening the connections with a wrench, reinforce the fix with waterproof tape or plumber’s putty. If the faucet is leaking beneath the sink, it could be an internal problem that should be assessed by a professional.

Bathroom Sink Smells

When your bathroom sink smells like sulfur, it’s most likely coming from bacteria growth in your drain. Sometimes, your sink smells if there is a sewer pipe problem. To determine where the smell is coming from, fill two cups with water – one with cold and the other with hot. If both smell the same, check the other sinks in your home for the same smell. If the smell is localized to your bathroom sink, it’s your fixture and not your entire home’s water.

Cleaning your pipes with hydrogen peroxide and replacing old ones can eliminate this problem. If nothing seems to work, let the Gotelli Plumbing professionals handle it.

Low Water Pressure

If your bathroom sink is the only one with low water pressure, the screen that filters your water could have a clog. To fix this, take it off and clean it in hydrogen peroxide or vinegar.

If the water pressure is still lacking, make sure your pipes aren’t leaking from anywhere. One of your pipes could be broken even if you can’t see it under your sink. Clogged supply pipes from mineral buildup can also keep your water pressure from reaching its full potential.

Let Gotelli Get Your Bathroom In Order

If you’re unable to locate the origin of the problem or need a professional opinion, contact Gotelli Plumbing today. From minor repairs to comprehensive plumbing solutions, there’s no project too big or too small for our team. Reach out to get started!

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