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Most of us only think to call the plumber when something goes wrong. But what if you could prevent costly plumbing damage BEFORE it happens?

When it comes to plumbing leaks, in many cases the problem has existed long before you notice anything unusual. After all, most of your pipes are hidden behind walls, floors and ceilings.

If it’s been a while since you last scheduled an inspection, calling our trained professionals at Gotelli Plumbing can ensure that your plumbing system is working as intended and not putting your property at risk.

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Reasons To Get A Whole Home Plumbing Inspection

We get it! If nothing is wrong with your plumbing, why spend the time and money having it inspected? Unfortunately, this is exactly how small plumbing repairs and weaknesses turn into huge messes. That’s why you should schedule plumbing inspections regularly. Below are some situations where a plumbing inspection is particularly useful.

Your Plumbing Is Getting Old

Plumbing systems with a lot of history are at a higher risk of needing repairs, especially if they’ve needed repairs in the past few years. Homes that are over 30 years old also are likely to have been built with outdated pipe materials that are no longer approved for use in new buildings.

Even if your home has received renovations recently, it’s good to have someone double-check your pipes to ensure that old plumbing has been replaced or repaired correctly in the past. The older your home, the more likely your sewer lines have also seen some damage due to shifting from tree roots and earthquakes.

There’s Just Been A Major Earthquake

The largest fatalities from earthquakes don’t come from the shaking but from the fires and explosions caused by gas leaks. Even if your earthquake shutoff valve cuts off your home’s gas supply correctly, there still could be damage to your gas line.

Shifting soil can also impact your water line, regardless of how old the pipes are. After you’ve made sure your family is not in immediate danger after an earthquake, you should always call to schedule an inspection to ensure that future plumbing hazards are avoided.

You’ve Gotten A Bad Repair In The Past

Unfortunately, not every plumbing repair goes as expected. If your home has been the victim of a bad DIY or handyman job in the past, a professional inspection can ensure that there aren’t any additional problems caused and in need of repair.

Sometimes these mistakes are no more than an ugly faucet installation, but other times they can be dangerous and expensive to fix.

You Want To Reclaim Your Peace Of Mind

As a homeowner, you should be maintaining your plumbing regularly – not just when buying and selling a home. At the end of the day, an inspection every year or two will always be less expensive (and far less stressful) than a broken-down water heater or busted pipe. Our thorough inspection checklist will help your system last longer and perform to its potential.

What We Check During An Inspection

  • Kitchen Sinks: faucet, basket strainer, sink drainage, trap, emergency shutoff valves, disposal, dishwasher connection, water filter
  • Bathrooms: sinks (stopper, drainage, trap), emergency shutoff valves, shower/tub faucet/diverter, shower faucet/diverter, shower/tub drainage, shower head, tub spout, anti-scald device, toilet/bidet
  • Laundry Rooms: washing machine bibbs, washing machine hoses, washing machine drain, laundry sink faucet and drain
  • Water Heater: cold water shutoff valve, anode rod, upper and lower Elements, pressure/temperature valve, pilot assembly, venting, expansion tank, gas cock, supply lines, sediment trap, gas flex, year
  • Outside: water meter, hose bibbs, water pressure, hose shutoff valve, cleanout, backflow preventer, PRV, gas meter, EQ shutoff valve

Schedule An Inspection Today

If it’s time for a plumbing inspection on your Marin County home, there’s only one team that can get the job done right the first time. Call on Gotelli Plumbing for the best plumbing services — and the best experience!

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