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Leak Detection

Say goodbye to water mischief with our leak detection!

Marin County Plumbers

Premier Marin County Leak Detection Services

A dripping faucet can waste up to 5 gallons of your hard-earned water every single day — and that’s just a simple drip! An undetected leak in your plumbing system could be costing you thousands of dollars in wasted water, plus even more in home damage expenses.

As a homeowner, you’re used to depending on your unseen plumbing, so professional leak detection is a must if you want to find the source of those tricky leaks.

Luckily, Gotelli Plumbing’s team of expert plumbers knows how to find a hidden leak in record time. We are also committed to the least invasive and destructive methods as possible, which can be achieved with our leak detection technology and tools. When you need a team to find a leak fast, we’re your reliable plumbers!

Plus, we can install an automatic leak prevention system that could save your home from thousands of dollars in damage and the loss of irreplaceable family heirlooms or memories. Our team of experienced plumbers can perform a stress-free installation of Flo by Moen brand leak detection devices.

Specialists To Handle Any Leak, Big Or Small

With over 30 years of experience detecting and fixing water leaks, Gotelli’s track record speaks for itself. Our team executes a rapid response to any leak in your home, from the smallest drip or puddle to the most serious slab leak.

We know the meaning of efficiency when your home is at stake. We’re the team that will locate and limit the spread of damages throughout your home, and we’ll do it at an affordable price. Our mission is to help our community, so you can bet that we always use the most cutting-edge and effective leak solutions for your home.

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Signs You Have A Leak

The only way our team at Gotelli can send you help from our licensed plumbers is if you recognize a leak and call for our services. That’s why we want all homeowners to be aware of the most common signs you have a leak:

  • The sound of trickling water when no water is in use
  • Mold or mildew growth
  • Cracks or bubbles in the floors or walls
  • Damp areas on your floors, walls or ceilings
  • Sudden spikes in your water bill

If you notice these symptoms, don’t waste time trying to find the leak yourself. We want to stop the damage as soon as you notice it. Our team members have dedicated years to finding leaks quickly, which could save you a lot of time and money.

Our Leak Detection Solutions

Not only can we stop a current leak from damaging any more of your home and repair the pipe that caused the problem, but we never want your home to experience another leak again. That’s why we offer the most advanced leak detection services, including Smart Leak Detection System installations. Gain back peace of mind about the state of your plumbing, and never worry about undetected leaks again!

What Are The Benefits of A Leak Detection System?

Besides the main advantage of detecting high rates of water flow and shutting off the home’s water, installing Flo by Moen comes with other benefits to make your life easier and safer.

Lower Repair Costs

A traditional leak may not be discovered for hours allowing it to cause water damage in your home and possibly ruin some of your belongings. Your home’s repairs from a disaster like this could be substantial and cost you a considerable amount of money.

With a leak detection system, you’ll still have to repair the source of the leak, but the damage to your Marin County home will be minor due to the Smart Water Shutoff valve stopping the flow of water.

Technology Integration

Not only is your home better protected with a detection system, Flo by Moen uses quality technology to make your life easier. Every detection it has can easily be sent to your phone as an alert.

When your system detects a leak, or the risk of freezing temperatures, it takes care of the water supply until you can take a look and make sure your pipes are good to go.

Also, you can monitor your water usage to have more accurate financial savings every month. You can even see the pressure, temperature and flow rate at the press of a button.

The Gotelli Difference

Why is Gotelli the best option for your plumbing needs? We go above and beyond the call of service to provide the best experience we can. This includes the utmost respect for you and your home at all times, and we are always friendly and professional.

From the first time you speak with our customer service representatives to the last time our technicians walk out your door, we promise to offer the best of our abilities to make your home whole again. That passion and care for customers is difficult to find, but that’s the Gotelli way. Give us a call to schedule your services!

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