Toilet Plumbing

What To Do When Your Toilet Has Plumbing Problems

For many of us, the privacy of a restroom offers a place to have a quick moment alone in peace. And there’s no worse way to ruin that moment than to realize your toilet isn’t working as expected.

For small issues, keep reading to learn a few tricks you can use to fix the problem yourself. And if you realize you’re in need of a professional, Gotelli Plumbing is always here for toilet plumbing and repair.

Why Your Toilet Won’t Flush Properly

There are many reasons why your toilet might not flush. And if you’re reading this, you most likely already tried using a plunger without success. To prevent an even bigger mess, turn off your water supply valve before going any further.

To break down any buildup that could be causing the clog, flush your toilet with the water off, and then pour hot tap water into the bowl. Let it sit for a few minutes and attempt to flush again. If this doesn’t work, try snaking your toilet or calling a technician.

If your toilet isn’t clogged but the handle won’t initiate the flush, it most likely has to do with the inner mechanism. Inside your tank, check to make sure your flush valve is tight but loose enough to move.

Your flush valve should be connected with a chain to your flapper that allows water to drain and refill your bowl. Make sure the chain is untwisted, connected properly and doesn’t have too much slack. Check the tank’s water level and adjust it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Why Your Toilet Keeps Running

When your toilet keeps running, it’s usually because the tank is constantly filling in preparation for a flush. First, make sure your tank isn’t leaking anywhere. Then make sure your flapper is the correct size and completely closed at rest.

If water is able to leak below the flapper, it will waste water and keep draining into your bowl, causing your toilet to continually refill your tank. Also, check your fill valve to see if it needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Why Your Toilet Is Leaking

A toilet leak is just as much of an emergency as when it overflows. Look around your bowl, and see if you can locate where the leak is coming from. Make sure all the bolts and valves around the outside of your toilet are tight and that none of the water lines have damage. If they do, replacement is your best option.

If you can see a crack in the tank and the water is running down the side, it might need to be replaced as well. Our plumbers can handle all kinds of leaks – from minor drips to complete toilet replacements. There’s no job we can’t handle, so when you need a plumbing team you can rely on, reach out to us!

Top-Notch Toilet Plumbing Services

From leaks and drips to clogs and more, there’s no problem too big for us to tackle. Let our plumbers get your toilet running as it should. Contact Gotelli Plumbing today if you need toilet repair services or have questions about your plumbing.

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