How Do Plumbers Find Water Leaks?

Here at Gotelli Plumbing, our San Rafael team knows how to find and fix slab leaks, sewer issues and sump pump problems efficiently and effectively. With over 30 years of experience, our team is guaranteed to treat your home well and minimize any damage to the structural integrity of your house. We care about the health and well-being of you and your family, which is why we strive for your 100% satisfaction.

Read on for more information on our professional plumbing services and ways to identify a water leak for yourself!

Professional Leak Detection In San Rafael

Interested in learning more about the ways we perform leak detection? Some simple steps that your plumbing technician may follow include:

  • Inspecting for moisture around all plumbing fixtures such as kitchen sinks and showers
  • Testing different fixtures and checking for dripping water in the area
  • Evaluating soggy flooring or sagging ceilings
  • Tightening fixture connections
  • Replacing leaky or corroded components

It can be incredibly difficult to find the source of a leak without the proper tools and training. Our plumbing team is experienced and certified when it comes to resolving pipe system issues — so don’t hesitate to reach out if you’ve noticed water damage in your home.

DIY Projects: How To Find A Water Leak

Are you curious about ways you can identify leaks for yourself? Here are some DIY tasks that can help you catch a plumbing disaster before it occurs:

  • Tune your ears to listen for running water behind your walls or floors.
  • Check your water meter after turning off all your plumbing fixtures and see if the dial is still moving.
  • Pay attention to rising water bills.
  • Inspect your water pressure meter.
  • Keep an eye on damp areas on your ceilings or walls where mold or mildew is growing.
  • Check appliances that are hooked up to your pipe system.

Monitoring these areas and staying alert for any signs of malfunctioning parts or worn-out components lowers the risk of leaks developing in the future.

How To Prevent Leaks In Your Home

Learning what preventative measures to take on a daily or monthly basis is extremely helpful when it comes to preserving your pipe system. Some of the most common steps include:

  • Check the caulk around your tub or shower
  • Invest in leak water alarms
  • Replace washing machine, refrigerator and dishwasher hoses when worn out
  • Learn how to shut off your water main supply
  • Monitor drain pans underneath your appliances

Each of these tasks is good to do regularly to protect your home from water damage.

For Expert Leak Detection Tactics – Hire Gotelli Plumbing!

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