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Sump Pump Health And Maintenance

If you’ve invested in a sump pump, you’ll want to make sure that your unit stays in top condition so that it can turn on and protect your home at a moment’s notice. Just like most other home appliances, your sump pump requires regular maintenance.

Luckily, Gotelli Plumbing is here to walk you through the DIY sump pump maintenance that homeowners can complete on their own and the professional sump pump tune-ups that require a trained San Rafael plumber.

Why Should You Get Sump Pump Maintenance?

All types of sump pumps experience wear and tear over time, and when they aren’t in use they can deteriorate from neglect. Sump pumps are especially vulnerable to deterioration because they’re in close contact with water most of the time. Water can very quickly cause these devices to corrode and break down.

Also, the physical pump and motor are not the only pieces of the system that need to be maintained. The drainage pipe, drainage channels and even the sump basin need to be monitored so that the system can run properly.

DIY Sump Pump Maintenance

Fortunately, some of the common sump pump maintenance tasks can be easily completed by most homeowners. This will save you time and money as well as ensure that your system is running efficiently between annual tune-ups.

It’s important to remember that your sump pump involves both water and electricity. Before starting any maintenance, make sure the pump is turned off to eliminate the risk of electrical shock while you are checking the system.

1. Pump Function Test

Check that your sump pump is actually functional and can pump water out of the sump basin – especially after months of sitting unused! Simply pour a few gallons of water into the sump basin and check that the pump turns on, funnels water out of the basin and turns off once the water is removed.

2. Test The Power

Your sump pump depends on electricity to be able to run, so ensuring that the power source can provide power is important. Check the outlet your unit is plugged into and make sure it has not been tripped by electrical surges.

3. Clear The Inlet Screen

The inlet screen is the device that filters out debris as the water is removed from your space. If it becomes clogged, then no water can be pumped out of your home. Turn off the pump before cleaning the screen. Once you have access, remove debris with a brush.

When Do You Need Professional Sump Pump Maintenance?

There are some annual maintenance tasks that need to be completed to keep your sump pump healthy. Experienced homeowners or those with plumbing knowledge may be able to complete these tasks themselves, but new homeowners are encouraged to seek professional help – at least for the first time to see how it’s done correctly!

A professional plumber will be able to:

  • Remove the pump from the sump basin and clean it thoroughly
  • Clear the sump basin of sludge and debris
  • Check and clear the discharge pipes
  • Evaluate and clean the drainage system

Need Licensed Sump Pump Maintenance?

Our team at Gotelli Plumbing is highly skilled in all aspects of drainage and sump pump health. We provide San Rafael sump pump maintenance with stellar service and effective methods. When it’s time to clean up your sump pump before the rainy season, give us a call!

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