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Water Filtration System Installation

Water is one of the most important things in your Marin County home. Just like your air supply, you want the water you use to take showers, wash vegetables and clean your clothes to be as healthy and free of contaminants as possible. Whether your home receives water from the city’s supply or from a private well, all water naturally carries contaminants from the ground and environment into your home.

Our team of professionals at Gotelli Plumbing wants your family to be safe and healthy in your home. That’s why we want to make it as easy as possible to implement water filtration in your home. Our team is proud to offer superior water softener systems to get your water flowing as purely as possible.

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What Are Water Softeners?

Hard water is simply water that has specific minerals in it. A whole-home softening system acts like a giant net for the contaminants in your water that cause it to be hard. Water softeners use an ion exchange process to attract minerals like calcium and magnesium. These minerals are filtered from your water and removed, leaving the water that comes from your taps and showers free of contaminants.

On average, Californians have harder water than other parts of the country, which means that you may feel the effects of it in your home.

Benefits Of Whole-Home Water Filtration In Marin County

Your water is more involved in your home health than you might think. By allowing a specialized filtration system to extract contaminants from your water you will see a noticeable difference in several areas of your life.

Healthier Skin And Hair

Unfiltered water tends to dry out delicate hair and skin surfaces, causing uncomfortable itching or dry areas. Softened water is proven to provide a more moisturizing experience for your hair and skin. When you use filtered water for bathing and washing your hands, you’ll notice a difference in how your body feels.

Improved Food And Drink Flavor

With a filtration system, you could receive great-tasting water from every single tap in your home. The reduction of chlorine, VOCs, sediment and heavy metals is actually noticeable in the taste of your water. Plus, every time you cook with your cleaner water, your meals will taste better and healthier.

Healthier Pet Water

The same water that you use to cook and clean with goes into your pets’ water bowls. If chemicals, metals and sediments can affect your body then they can also affect your pets. Filtered water allows you to feel confident that you’re giving the furry members in your Sonoma County home the cleanest water.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

We may be dealing with water filtration, but it can affect your air quality too! The steam that rises from your hot shower or boiling pasta is in gaseous form and can be breathed in. With healthier water, your air will not be polluted with chlorine and VOCs (AKA volatile organic compounds) every time your hot water evaporates.

Expert Water Softener Installation

Gotelli Plumbing is dedicated to helping you build a healthy home. If you’re interested in whole-home water filtration, let us help you. Gotelli can assist you in choosing your perfect water softener, and we can install it easily and smoothly. When you’re ready to install cleaner water in your Marin County or Sonoma County home, contact the team you can count on.

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