What’s The Difference Between Water Conditioning + Water Softening?

When making decisions about your plumbing, your primary focus may not be your water quality. Different types of water can affect your home and health. The difference between hard and soft water can impact your system and water quality.

Hard water particles contain dissolved calcium, magnesium and other elements. Because hard water is high in these minerals, it may not be the best for your residential plumbing.

When you desire softer water, it’s important to note that a water conditioner isn’t the same as a water softener. Water conditioners waste less water and remove additional chemicals, such as chlorine.

A water softener only removes hard water particles and tends to use more water. At Gotelli Plumbing, you can count on us to help you determine which filtration method is best for your home!

What Is Water Conditioning?

Water conditioners take certain chemicals, like chlorine, out of your water, which is crucial to your plumbing system. This refers to a broader term that utilizes methods of treating water to improve its quality and hardness levels.

Conditioning methods can include filtration, pH adjustment and chemical treatment. It can also contain procedures to reduce water hardness. These methods improve the quality of the water, making it better for personal use and your plumbing. Water softeners are a type of water conditioning system that targets water hardness through ion exchange.

What Are The Types Of Water Conditioning Systems?

There are lots of different types of conditioning systems that you can choose from. These types have individual pros and cons, but a professional plumber can help determine which kind best suits your home.

Automatic Water Conditioners

Automatic conditioners vary in price and reliability, but they all use the same process. Typical water softeners use an ion exchange process to reduce hard water. Automatic water conditioners may run into problems due to the water, salt and electricity involved with its valve.

After treating the water, the conditioner goes through a series of control and automation to ensure that the treatment process stays regular. These systems provide a continuous and automated process for treating and conditioning the incoming water supply, addressing specific water quality concerns and ensuring that the water meets standards for consumption.

Water Softeners

Water softening is a common water conditioning method that uses either an ion exchange process or a “template-assisted crystallization” process. Ion exchange is the most common and widely used process for water softening. During this process, sodium ions on resin beads are exchanged with calcium and magnesium ions, effectively removing the hard minerals from the water.

Template-assisted crystallization is a newer alternative process for water conditioning that can help reduce water hardness. Instead of removing the hardness minerals, it modifies their structure to prevent them from forming scale deposits. This process doesn’t remove the hard minerals from the water, but it changes their structure, making them less likely to adhere to surfaces and form scale.

It’s important to note that while template-assisted crystallization may help reduce scale buildup, it may not provide the same level of water softening as ion exchange systems. The effectiveness of each method depends on the specific water conditions and the desired outcome.

Mobile Exchange Service

Mobile exchange services are a convenient and flexible approach to water conditioning and treatment. This involves the regular exchange of tanks containing conditioned water, so you always have a supply of treated water.

Your service provider schedules regular exchanges based on the customer’s water usage and needs. You can organize these exchanges depending on what you need, ranging from weekly to monthly for most users.

Rapid Water Conditioning In San Rafael

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