Are There Any Health Benefits To Using A Bidet?

Bidets are common in many countries around the world, but they’ve been almost unheard of in the United States until recent years. Because people in the U.S. are used to using toilet paper, bidets can seem odd and even unsanitary, and there has been significant hesitation when it comes to using bidets.

However, the tide is turning in favor of bidets as more and more people discover the benefits, especially health benefits, of using bidets. Gotelli Plumbing is here to tell you more about them!

How Does A Bidet Work?

If you’ve never seen a bidet before, the idea of washing with water instead of wiping with toilet paper after using the toilet can seem odd and even impractical. But it’s actually pretty easy.

A bidet can come in the form of a separate appliance or a toilet attachment that sprays water on your private parts to clean them after you’ve used the toilet. This gentle spray of water replaces the use of toilet paper to give you a fresh-out-of-the-shower feeling every time you go to the bathroom.

Are Bidets Sanitary?

Now that you know the basics of using a bidet, you may be wondering, “Is that really sanitary?” The answer is yes. Bidets have been used for centuries by people around the world to stay clean after using the bathroom and for good reason. People who use bidets agree that their backsides feel fresher, cleaner and even healthier.

Bidet Health Benefits

Bidets aren’t just a different way to keep yourself clean, they’re actually healthier. Using a bidet is good for much more than cutting down your use of toilet paper. Let’s break down the health benefits of bidets.

Water Is Gentler Than Paper

It doesn’t take much thought to determine that water is gentler than dry paper, and bidet users agree. Your private parts are sensitive areas with a lot of nerve endings, and dry paper has the potential to irritate the tender skin in the area.

This is especially true for those who experience Irritable Bowel Syndrome, have just had surgery or have recently given birth.

Bidets Keep You Cleaner

In addition to providing a gentler method of cleaning yourself, bidets are proven to provide a better clean overall. Bidets are more efficient at removing fecal bacteria than paper.

Combine that with the mostly hands-free nature of bidet use, and it’s much less likely that you will spread bacteria from your hand to your surroundings (or other people).

They Protect Genital Health

Warm sitz baths are a common treatment for people with hemorrhoids or other genital health problems, but using a bidet can be just as effective and much more convenient. Using a bidet with warm water and low or medium water pressure can promote blood circulation and relieve pressure.

Your Bidet Installation Options

One of the most popular kinds of bidets in the U.S. is the bidet toilet seat, which can be installed onto your existing toilet to transform it into a bidet as well. Gotelli Plumbing specializes in this kind of bidet installation, offering Tota brand bidets and toilets for our customers.

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