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How To Maintain Your Bidet

If you’re new to the world of bidets, you may be wondering how much upkeep they require. Do you have to clean them in a specific way? Do they require any maintenance at all?

Don’t worry — Gotelli Plumbing is here to provide you with a step-by-step guide to maintaining your bidet like a pro. Here’s a list of bidet maintenance dos and don’ts:

Do Clean Your Bidet Regularly

Just like the rest of your toilet, your bidet toilet seat or attachment needs to be cleaned at least once a week. You should clean the top of the seat, the bottom of the seat and the area underneath the seat on a weekly basis.

Your cleaning schedule also depends on your toilet use. Families with children will need to clean the toilet and bidet much more frequently to keep them clean, while a person who lives alone may be able to get away with less frequent maintenance.

If you have a bidet with a remote or control panel, wipe it gently with a clean, damp washcloth at least weekly. Don’t ever submerge the remote in water or spray it excessively with cleaner.

Do Make Use of the Nozzle Wash Feature

The nozzle of your bidet is most likely self-cleaning, as most bidets come with a nozzle wash feature that sprays water on the nozzle. You should make use of the nozzle wash after each use or at least once every day to keep the nozzle clean.

However, it’s important not to become reliant on the nozzle wash, as the bidet itself will still need to be cleaned at least monthly.

Don’t Use Chemical Cleaners on Your Bidet

It’s important not to use chemical cleaners on your bidet. Instead, use a damp washcloth to wipe the toilet seat, the area around the bidet, and the bidet itself. If you must use a cleaner, use a neutral pH dish soap. Let the bidet dry or wipe it with a dry cloth once it’s clean.

Do Clean the Deodorizer Filter Each Year

If your bidet seat has a deodorizing filter, you should take it out and clean it once or twice a year. Keep in mind that it doesn’t need to be replaced, only cleaned. You can easily clean the filter with water and a toothbrush. Rinse it, let it dry and reinstall it in the bidet.

Don’t Sit On The Lid

This is especially important if you have children that like to sit on the toilet lid. Sitting on the toilet lids will develop scratches and eventually cracks on the lid. While a bidet attachment is independent of the toilet seat, bidet toilet seats need to be taken care of well. Otherwise, you’ll have to replace the entire bidet, which is much more expensive than a regular toilet seat.

Bidet Services From Gotelli

Whether you’re new to bidets or want to replace your old one, you can count on Gotelli Plumbing for toilet seat bidet installation. Contact our friendly service representatives for more information or to begin a service request.

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